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ICC Tourney: Our players let us down- NCF president declares

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cricket2President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Emeka Onyeama has expressed sadness with the manner the Nations contingent flopped at the International Cricket Council zone 4 qualifiers that took place in London, attributing the poor performance to the players.

In a chart with 2muchsports.com, Onyeama stated that most of the players refused to follow the instruction of the coach feeling that they had known it all having been in the team for so long. But, he stressed that whatever they knew was never translated on the field of play and the outcome was that they crashed out and even got relegated.

The NCF president also stated that most of the younger players did not have the experience of playing on the playing turf they played on, stressing that it is one of the area they would have to work more on.

Onyeama maintained that they would also embark on bringing in younger players to the team and getting them to play several tournament so as to expose them to the modern way of playing the game.

“As a matter of fact, we are going to work more on completing our playing turf which is ongoing at the package B of the Abuja National stadium. It was really one of the things that affected the players in London. We plan to bring in younger players to the team, give them all the necessary exposure by taking them to play series of tournaments.

“One of the obvious fact we learnt in London is that we still have a long way to go in our cricket. But we are equal to the task and we shall do everything within our power to see that our cricket is taking there. We will not relent in our efforts, i tell you. getting our playing turf ready is sure one place to begin from,” he said.

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