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Enyimba coach, Aigbogun charges LMC on player’s welfare

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As the issue of the persistent none payment of salaries of players and officials in most clubs in the Nigeria Premier league continue to make the news, Coach of Nigeria League champion, Enyimba football club of Aba , Paul Aigbogun has pleaded with the League Management company, LMC to take the issue more seriously.
Speaking with 2muchsports.com, Paul expressed satisfaction with the handling of the league by the LMC but stressed that they have to look more into how the players, coaches and officials are been treated in their clubs.
“LMC must stick to their rules with regards to how the clubs treat their players, coaches and officials. Any club that fails in their obligation to their players should be made to suffer the consequences. It is not compulsory that we must have twenty teams play in the Nigeria Premier League. Some of the more advance countries don’t even have up to twenty teams in their leagues.
“I think in other areas they are doing quite well but maybe situations that occur from time to time they can look at them in a better way, maybe more fans coming in. But, i think they are doing very well.
“I think if you look at the way the league is going on now the league is more open than it normally was and when fans see that the league is more open they want to come and watch. And i think if they know that there are no more troubles in the league with better security you see people coming, bringing in their families,” he concluded
“As i keep on saying the league is improving every year. Some of the league in Europe that we compare our own with are hundred years old and the Nigeria premier league is still a very young league. So, its improving every year and i must give the kudos to the LMC  and the league board.
Speaking on the chances of his club competiting very well in the competition they have entered for this season, the former Warri Wolves football club coach expressed confidence that he has the fire power to fight at all front in this present season.
“At the moment we are okay, but you know that it can be tasking competing at the continent and at the home front. Its not something we are happy about. Its not easy because a lot of matches are coming up but thank God that at the moment the team is doing well.
“I think at the moment the champions league is not on so we are looking at the league, then when that start again we look at it in another way. Yes we have a squad that we can rotate but to say whether we are going to win all i can’t say at the moment but we have the squad that can play on two fronts,” he concluded.

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