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Poor Organisation, protest mars Abuja Golden League

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The Abuja Leg of the Athletes Federation of Nigeria, AFN Golden League was marred with absolute poor organization even as Athletes protested their poor treatment by the organizing body.
The event which took place at the main Bowl of the Abuja National stadium was totally devoid of the fanfare that is always associated with such top events. Access to start list and program of event which enable journalist get acquainted with the Athletes and the order of event was very difficult to come by.  There was absolutely poor publicity for the event which led to the absolute poor attendance of fans at the stadium.
The event took place in an almost empty stadium with the Athletes cheering themselves.
Athletes also protested the manner at which they were treated by the leadership of the Athletes Federation of Nigeria, AFN expecially as it relates to the none payment of their price money.
In addition to the none payment of their prize monies, some were not happy that they were denied the opportunity to do the relay race which they believed will give them qualification tickets to the Olympic Games.
They also complained bitterly about insensitivity of the AFN Chairman, Mr. Solomon Ogba who is always absent in most of the meets venues to address the issue of the financial predicaments of athletes.
A coach of one of the teams on parade, the National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Mr. F.Johnson and his crew were seen almost exchanging blows with the AFN Technical Director, Mr. Yusuf Ali over the cancellation of the relay event.
They argued that apart from the qualification ticket, the team also use results achieved at such meets to earn automatic promotions in their office hence the argument.
But Yusuf Ali in his defense said he cancelled the event after some of the athletes who approached him to complain of fatigue after participating in some events earlier in the day.
He explained that the relay results would in anyway have effect in their qualifications for the Rio Olympics.
The former national skipper also said it was unfortunate that most of the athletes were ignorance of the standard for Olympics qualification.

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