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Premier League club chairman involved in prostitute scandal

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NPLIt was indeed a show of shame recently in Abuja when a chairman of one of the top Nigeria Premier League side based in the South South region of the country almost had his ear cut off when he was attacked by some group of soldiers invited by the prostitute he brought in to his hotel.

2muchsports.com gathered that the randy club chairman after sleeping with the prostitute paid her the sum of five thousand Naira, and apparently not satisfied with the amount the prostitute left and came back with some soldiers who wrecked havoc on the hotel premises, breaking most of the mirrors in the process.

It was one of the broken mirrors in the hotel that fell on the club chairman that nearly cut off his ear. It was blood all over the premises and he was said to have been rushed to the hospital that night where he received several stitches.

Officials of the league management company were said to have been called in that night and were made to pay for all the damages done to the hotel, and went on to even pay for the hospital fees where the club chairman was taken to.

The hotel were the incident took place is located somewhere in Jabi, a regular place for the Nigeria Club owners whenever they come to Abuja for a meeting.

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