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Takeover does not undermine House of Reps meeting- Giwa explains

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Ambassador Chris Giwa who on Friday took over the Nigeria Football Federation on the premise of an enforcement order from the Jos High court has stated that his taking over the secretariat does not in anyway undermine the peace meeting scheduled with the House of Representative House committee on sports.

Speaking with 2muchsports.com, Giwa noted that he has great respect for the House of Reps members but stressed that the meeting does not nullify the order of the court. He stressed that he will certainly honor the meeting with them on Tuesday.

“I will surely attend the peace meeting and resolution being called by the House, but it has nothing to do with the Court order,”
His coming to the glass house met the Staff of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) headquarter with surprise as he entered the arena with his supporters waving a Jos theHigh court enforcement order to take over the reigns of power.
Giwa dressed in a guinea brocade wine coulour went into the building unfettered unlike in the past when policemen barred him from the premises.
He walked round the building with the Wuse DPO Mr. Irek Sunday ensuring that there was no break down of law and order.
One of his aides said they have gotten clearance from the FCT Commissioner for police before coming to the Glass House.
There was a little bit of resistance from members of staff who said since they had filed an appeal, Giwa need not come to the Glass House.
Giwa talking to newsmen after said he was there with the sheriff of the court to carry out the execution order.
“This is my office. The court has ordered me to take over after I resuscitated the case and has even signed the wreath of execution. When the judgment came they were doubting it.
“But there is no way you can hide the truth. The truth has prevailed. By God’s grace we have taken over, If the Court says I should take over why should I say no,” he explained .
He was there with his henchmen , Baribote, Johnson and host of others.

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